Pathways to Interpretation

With TestWiz by Certica

ERB’s Pathways to Interpretation help teachers and administrators extract actionable insights from the CTP, WrAP, ISEE, and school exams. ERB has partnered with Certica Solutions to provide our members with TestWiz, an assessment solution that makes it easy to track student progress, deliver targeted teaching accordingly, and weigh instructional effectiveness. 




External Assessments focus on utilizing TestWiz for comprehensive reporting and analysis of assessment data, including ERB assessments such as the CTP and WrAP, and optionally other external assessments that ERB members might use. The multi-assessment longitudinal reporting capability of TestWiz: External Assessments provides a full view of student performance. Powerful, on-demand analysis across a range of parameters helps inform decisions about teaching and learning.


Local Assessments focus on utilizing TestWiz for local assessments, where ERB members create, administer, and score internally built assessments using their own local items in any subject area, as well as report and analyze the assessment results. With TestWiz: Local Assessments, schools can manage their entire local assessment program in one place.

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