What's New 2019-2020



Important Registration Dates and Testing Fees

Applicants can register for 2020 - 2021 test dates beginning the first week in August. Starting August 3, the cost of an ISEE large group administration at a school will be $140. The cost of testing at a Prometric Center will remain the same at $200. We will continue to provide expedited scoring and reporting for all testers. There is no additional charge for this expedited scoring and reporting service. Students may continue to take the ISEE up to three times a year—once in each of three testing seasons.







Cloning Test Events—a Step-by-Step Video

Cloning a testing event from last year is the quickest way to create your test events for this coming year. Be sure to thoroughly review your cloned event to ensure that your new test event is created as desired. For further assistance, please refer to our video tutorial. 







Quick Facts Guide

We will continue to offer printed, hard-copies of the ISEE Quick Facts Guide to schools free of charge. Order now and we'll ship your guides in early August. Schools can distribute these guides to families to provide them with detailed information about the ISEE.  Please note that the guide will no longer contain a paper registration form as all registrations will be completed online at iseeonline.erblearn.org. If you need any assistance with ordering, please contact the ISEE Operations Office.



On the payment method page, be sure to select “Purchase Order Number” and type in “QF2019” to complete your complimentary order. Any orders placed now will ship in early August.








Walk-In Registration Process Changes

To streamline processes and increase efficiency for test sites, we will no longer offer printed, bubble registration forms for walk-in registrants. Using a Walk-In Registration Code, walk-in students will now pre-register for testing online. If you choose to accept walk-ins and are a paper-based testing site, the ISEE Operations Office will provide your test site with Walk-In Registration Codes based on the walk-in capacity your test site indicates in the Admission Portal. Your test site will then provide these codes to families who have missed the late registration period (less than 14 days before the test event). Families will use the code to pre-register their walk-in student online at iseeonline.erblearn.org.


For more information about the new walk-in registration process please review our walk-in registration guide below. After reviewing this guide, please contact the ISEE Operations Office if you have any additional questions about the new process.