Guidelines for the Use of Scores

Schools receive many different pieces of information from students (and families) applying for admission to selective K–12 schools. Many factors used in selection, such as grades, teacher recommendations, and interviews, tend not to be standardized across the entire population of candidates. ISEE scores provide a consistent measure for all candidates. Please take a moment to review our ISEE Guidelines for the Use of Scores in the Admission Process for more information about utilizing ISEE scores as part of your school's admission process.




Accessing Score Reports

With in-depth, easy to understand reports that detail both reasoning and achievement skills, you will gain crucial insights to support your admission decisions.


School Reports 

ISEE score reports are distributed electronically to schools as early as the Monday after a Saturday exam. Scores from paper administrations post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons. Scores from online administrations may post more quickly.



Parent Reports

After taking an ISEE paper test, ISEE answer sheets and essays are sent to the ISEE Operations Office for scoring and production of an Individual Student Report (ISR). Scoring takes place after the answer sheets arrive, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. After scoring, the ISR is posted to a family's online account and an email is then sent to notify the family that this has taken place. After taking an online ISEE test at a school or Prometric site, score reports are posted online as soon as the test has been scored. ERB sends an email to the email address indicated in a child's registration information to let the family know the report is ready. A hard copy is not sent to the home address.


Copies of the ISR are also distributed electronically to ERB schools and consultants, only if the family has listed them as recipients. The essay, which is not scored and is released only to ERB schools, accompanies the ISR. Score reports to schools do not list any other school recipients.



What's on the individual student Report (ISR)

The ISEE ISR provides information on an applicant's reasoning and achievement skills.


  • The Test Profile provides information about the student's overall performance on each section of the ISEE, except the essay which is unscored and shared with the schools to which the student is applying.
  • The ISEE scores are reported in four ways in the Test Profile: scaled score, percentile rank, stanine, and stanine analysis.
  • The Test Profile reports percentile ranks with a reference to ISEE norms. These norms are based on independent school applicants in the same grade who have taken the test during the past three years. 
  • In the Analysis portion, each section score indicates the number of questions answered correctly, the number of questions answered incorrectly, and the number of questions omitted or not reached. For each section, the score is broken down by type of question, providing more specific information about a student's relative strengths and weaknesses.


For more information, please consult the sample report below and “Understanding the ISR” section of What to Expect on the ISEE. For additional assistance, please contact our ISEE Operations.