Change of Address for CTP 5 (Paper Test) Scoring
Effective Monday, 08/03/2020 CTP 5 answer documents and other test materials should be sent to the below address for scanning and scoring. The Barcode Return Sheet (BRS) will be updated with this information.

Measurement Inc.
CTP Operations
215 Morris St
Durham, NC 27701 


What's New


ERB is in the process of building out a comprehensive suite of data analytics and insights solutions to help schools foster student growth, learning, and achievement.  As one of the early steps in that process,  we’re pleased to provide our members with several enhancements to the CTP experience that are outlined below. As always, please refer to this year’s Users’ Manual and Directions for Administration for further details.



Enhanced Score Reports


Following careful consideration of member feedback and in collaboration with communications experts, we are pleased to launch completely redesigned score reports. These reports will feature new design elements and in some cases new data to improve ease of interpretation and to offer more detailed insights about your school as a learning environment.


These newly designed reports are generated the same way as reports were generated in previous years—you do not need to do anything different to access these reports. Many of these updated reports are currently available while a handful of reports are launching later this winter.


Launch Date Report
Currently Available
  • Individual Instructional Summary 
  • Student Performance Analysis Report
  • Individual Subscore Report
  • Primary Grade Parent Report
  • Administrator’s Summary Report
  • Group Instructional Summary Report
  • Median Percentile Report
  • Primary Grade Group Report
  • Achievement/ Reasoning Consistency Report
  • Content Standards Mastery Report
  • Rank Order Listing Report
  • Student Roster Report 
Winter 2019/2020
  • Group History Report 
  • NEW Group Performance Analysis Report
  • Comprehensive Individual Student Report 
  • NEW Student History Separated from the Comprehensive Individual Student Report
  • Enhanced Individual Narrative Report
  • NEW School Overview Report




More Streamlined Portal Navigation


The CTP Portal is now easier to navigate with the main menu moving to the top of the screen. Most of the Portal’s sections haven’t changed, except for a handful of pages that have moved to the newly created “Tools” section. The following pages are now under Tools:


  • Classes
  • Purchase Products (for CTP 5 paper and pencil testing only)
  • Test Administrations
  • Users
  • Barcode Return Sheet (for CTP 5 paper and pencil testing only)
  • Import Errors (for CTP 5 paper and pencil testing only)


We’ve also added a Member Profile section where you can quickly find your ERB Member Number. 


What if I'm not seeing the updated Portal?

  • Navigate to by clicking this link or typing it into your browser and try logging in again.
  • If you have the CTP Portal login screen bookmarked, make sure that your bookmark link is set to
  • If the problem persists, clear your browser’s cache and repeat steps one and two. 


Updated Paper Testing Materials

In direct response to member feedback, we’ve changed the colors in the Levels 4-10 Answer Documents and the Test Booklets for Levels 1, 2, and 3 to a more universally legible option.



A Reminder About the Calculator Policy

As a reminder, calculators are optional on Mathematics Part 2 for Levels 9 and 10 only. The use of calculators is not permitted by any other level or on any other subtest. This policy is also stated in the Directions for Administration. Please refer to our full calculator policy here.



Status of New National Norms

We are continuing to collect data to strengthen our National Norm sample group throughout this year.  We know that comparisons to National Norms are important to our members.  For now, the National Norm is comprised of the same sample group that was utilized by  CTP 4, with adjustments for CTP 5’s new score scaling.  We look forward to releasing a robust CTP 5 National Norm soon!