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Preparing for CTP assessment

CTP is administered by your student's school and your school makes all decisions about test schedules, testing options, and reports. Families should direct any questions they have about CTP to their school. 


The purpose of CTP is to assess student growth and performance at the time of testing. This enables the school to identify strengths and weaknesses at an individual and group level. CTP is considered a “low stakes” assessment, intended to help teachers and administrators make decisions about curriculum and classroom instruction. Because of this, there is no test preparation material available. Tutoring may be available through outside resources but, due to the purpose of achievement assessments, ERB does not promote the use of tutors. CTP is designed to assess what students know—not their ability to identify the probable right answer. Used in this way, the CTP serves as a diagnostic tool and helps yield reliable results. 


Tips for Test Day


  • Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep.
  • Provide your child with a nourishing morning meal.
  • Your school may provide a list of requirements for test day.

Did you know ERB offers custom programs to help schools explain reports to parents? Contact our professional development team for more details.

 Score Reports

Your student's school may or may not provide score reports to parents—ERB does not provide reports directly to parents. ERB offers Parent Guides that schools may or may not distribute to families to help them understand their student's score report.



Understanding Lexile and Quantile Scores

Your school may utilize Lexile and Quantile scores. A Lexile measure represents your child’s reading ability and can be used to match him or her with books and other materials at an appropriate difficulty level. A Quantile measure describes your child’s mathematical ability and can be used to determine his or her readiness to learn new mathematical skills and concepts.


To find recommended books and other materials for your student using their Lexile score, click here.


To find recommended math resources for your student using their Quantile score, click here.