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Build a strong community with comprehensive admission assessments for students from PreK - Grade 12. ERB’s reliable and secure admission assessments help you find the right students for your school.
For over 85 years, ERB has provided rigorous and accurate assessments of student progress in meeting academic standards. We continue that today by aligning our assessments to the latest challenging curriculum and learning standards such as the CCSS, NCTM, NCTE, and other standards.
ERB offers more than just assessments: Our Support services are educational tools and resources that support student learning and personalized instruction. These programs help teachers evaluate abilities, provide opportunities for improvement, and challenge students to excel.
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ERB is a global not-for-profit educational membership organization of independent, public, faith-based, and boarding schools providing admission, achievement and instructional services for PreK - Grade 12. ERB has been lighting the pathway to student learning in the 21st century by teaming up with ERB member schools to develop admission and achievement services that are in a user-friendly online format, providing robust feedback and immediate score reporting. For over 85 years, ERB has provided quality services to over 2,000 member schools and districts around the world.

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Pathways To Interpretation With TestWiz

ERB partners with Certica Solutions to provide TestWiz to our member schools. TestWiz allows your school to import other assessment data, and this provides you with even more helpful information from your ISEE, CTP, and WrAP results. You can easily track student progress, deliver targeted teaching, weigh instructional effectiveness, and build comprehensive student profiles to guide individualized instruction. 


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