AABL Accommodations

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icon_parent_report.pngAccommodations (Entrance to PreK - Grade1)

A child with a documented disability may be eligible for accommodations on AABL. The child must:


  • Have a physical, cognitive, or psychological disability that necessitates testing accommodations
  • Have complete and specific documentation that establishes a current need for the requested accommodations

When ERB has received your application, an email will be sent to confirm that the review/approval process has begun. If there is any problem with the application, the AABL reviewer will call or email you to resolve the issue. Once the review, test date, and location have been determined, a verification letter will be sent by email confirming the approved accommodations. This letter will serve as your entrance ticket to the testing session. The AABL accommodations form and supporting documentation must be received by ERB at least one week prior to the requested test date.



Be sure to save this form to your computer before completing the fields. Information entered into the application while viewing it in a browser window cannot be saved. Right click on the form and select “Save as” to save the file, then open the saved file on your computer and complete the form.


For questions regarding accommodations on AABL please email aablreview@erblearn.org.