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Posted: March 31, 2017 by Anonymous

Learning Innovation Report on U.S. Independent Schools 2017

The velocity of innovation in the learning models of independent schools, towards more student-centered paradigms, has without question increased since our last report two years ago. It is visible in a host of major initiatives launched within schools in attempts at reform, and in the seriousness, depth, and creativity of the conversations taking place at our conferences. However, very few schools have bridged the transformation out of primarily 20th century-bound practices and benchmarks. Many of these practices are still focused on a teacher-centered schedule and a college-prep-driven curriculum and course of study. Equally, legacy benchmarks still promote quality as tied to small class sizes or instructors prized more for their academic backgrounds and passion than their abilities to motivate students or personalize their approaches. 

The good news is that we have a very good sense of the kind of roadmap that schools can take to real change towards 21st-century environments.

Download and read the full report, Learning Innovation Report on U.S. Independent Schools 2017 from OESIS.